The minimum order quantity is 1 piece, but we recommend ordering larger quantities.

First of all, you need to submit a design for the medal or badge you want (up to version 15 corel file) or send a photo. There is no fixed price, the price varies depending on the complexity and level of processing of the badge/medal, the amount of colours used and the metal requested.

The cost of equipment preparation is included in the price of 1 piece of medal or 1 piece of badge. The higher the quantity produced, the lower the price of 1 badge or medal.

Production of medals, badges, plaques, orders from non-ferrous metals. Engraving, badges and medals colour renewal services.

We use stamping technology. For stamping we produce the equipment - the matrix (ring) and the punches - obverse and reverse, or just the obverse if the piece is one-sided. The advantage of stamping is that it is cheaper to produce in large quantities.